Our story

TraceX is a young company founded in 2017 by two young entrepreneurs. It all started with the simple idea of wanting to improve the personal experience during physical trainings. Our team was able to implement its’s acquired sporting knowledge to make your experience unique and pleasant.

«In life, every effort should be rewarded.»

TraceX team


TraceX, your reinvented training partner, offers you the necessary tools to meet your personal goals and to save money daily.


Let members discover targeted offers and benefit of major discounts in their favorite stores while offering them to use a training app renown for being profoundly human and very diversified.


State of mind

Having a healthy state of mind is the key to being a good athlete.

Health is a priority

One of TraceX’s goal is to offer the proper tools to help you stay healthy. Let us help you!


When you train, your objective is to be efficient while having fun. Whether you are alone, with your friends or with your family, TraceX is part of it.


We know that motivation is sometimes hard to find but with our rewards program, we make a difference.